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Sarah Barnard in yarn!

It is Sarah’s turn to be dry & imortalised in yarn. Aran weight, now available in the shop


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Art Yarn

After collapsing on the stairs, and ended up in a crumpled heap at the bottom, I have not been able to spin for a few days.  So it was with great delight I managed a bit of spinning left footed, right still won’t play, and plied the yarn I had lurking on the bobbing with some thread, and a few seeds beads and this is the result

Once it has been washed and dried, it will be ing the shop 🙂

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Here is Heather Cawte in colour!  The first yarn dry, from my dedicated to people series 🙂  She is also available to buy in the shop.  She is a shetland DK

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Competition Time!

I am expanding my range of yarns available, and now will be offering;  Extra fine merino / silk lace weight, BFL superwash sock, Alpaca/silk sock, 100% Shetland DK, 100% BFL Aran weight.

Also the range of fibre to BFL, Falkland & Corriedale

As part of this, I have a range of knitting people who have touched my life. As part of this I am giving you the chance to have your very own colourway named after you! You will get a free skein, and see your name in my shop, so others can buy you 🙂 Or if you prefer fibre, then 100g of fibre.

All you have to do is post a comment. I would like you to tell me the colours you see yourself, and what weight yarn you would like to be; Laceweight, BFL sock, Shetland DK or Aran.  Or what fibre you would like. I will randomly draw the winner out the hat.  Entries close on Friday 3rd of April, and the winner will be notified. Don’t worry if you dye already, you still can enter 🙂  Or if you would prefer to be a fibre let me know 😀

People who are excluded, because they already have one after them are:

Birgit – My finnish friend, who knits the most delicious socks. Also a kind and warm hearted friend.

Heather Cawte – An inspiration to those who are disabled by illness in the prime of life & a fabulous knit wear designer!

Sarah Barnard – Who has inspired me to write again, despite adversity!

Kris Wilcox – I would not be doing this now, if it was not for her!

Ania – You know the reasons 🙂 A very dear friend.

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Since my dear friend Dee died back in February, this idea has sort of being growing since then.  I designed a series of yarn colours to commemorate her.  I have now decided to take this further, to the living as well.  I will be designing a colourway for each of the people who have touched my life in a special way.

I will also be giving you a chance to win a yarn or fibre designed in either your favourite colours, or in the colours you see yourself.  Keep your eyes open…

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I am now blogging!

Well what better way of charting the progress of flutterby creations creative endeavours than on our very own blog. Here I will bring you news of new colourway, new suppliers and special offers!

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