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Socky heaven

I know I am not the only one addicted to sock knitting out there, that is why I am going to be mean and horrid and lure you into my web!

Today is a real socky day in this house. I have some gorgeous cash sock coming! This is a wonderful yarn with merino / cashmere / nylon! Also is about 400m long! So one skein will make an average foot a pair of luxury socks! I am aiming at selling this in a rainbow colourway. However before I try this process on expensive sock, I am running it through on normal sock.

So today we have 6 colours out lots of little skeins ready to go – oh and the music is up! Will report back later with the results, if I have not been taken away by the music police first!


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I am going to be adding a page to this blog, where people can see my yarns knitted up – so to tempt them further.  However I am going to have to post a picture of these here. The lovely Rosie (mufasasmum) has knitted these tube socks up. I made the cat jump, I squeed so loudly when I saw my yarn knitted up! Especially this one, as it is one of my personal favourites & best sellers.

Deaths Daughter tube socks – by Rosie

Deaths daughter knitted

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Now there is nothing like a weekend away from working to revitalise the creative cells.  Although now it is back to Friday I could do with another weekend away 😀

Here are my latest colourways





Black Lace

black lace

This is Lily – This is from Sarah Barnards Portal Series of book – link can be found in the side bar.


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