I can remember being stuck in a class room, having been bored to tears by Physics, feeling like the hours were never going to end. Now I feel they are running away from me! It has only been becaused I collapsed and damaged the soft tissue in my knee, and thus having to rest it up, that I have been able to catch up on things like blogging! So please excuse this big post, as there is lots to catch up on.

Firstly let me present Megan.  Megan (moggle) was one of the winners from my competion. I met up with the lovely Megan when at wonderwool last weekend.  I was able to present her, with herself in yarn.  Here she is.  She will be soon available in the shop.

meganShe is Alpaca and silk.  She in human form is just as lovely in yarn form, in real life.

Now we have Lini.  Lini was the other winner in my competion.  Lini is as mad and crazy, yet totally likeable as her yarn!  She is Aran weight.  This is available in my shop now.


Now for a little bit of cute factor!

My son loves his dinousaur more than anything else in the world – well apart from his baby moo cows! Anyway he took it into school once, and someone took it from his bag and ‘hid’ it in the bin in the boys toilet.  It was only by guidance from above, that I found and resuced it. Since then every day he has to have it sit with me.  This morning I had my blue suede colourway, ready to be skeined.  This is how he left it


This is blue suede skeined up, for sale in my shop!



Busy weekend

It has been a nicely busy weekend.  I tried to do some gardening, which literally crippled me, hit my ticker conditon off big time! So I left that to the other half.  Instead I decided to go and hide away in my craft room.  These two tiara’s are the finished articles of what I made. I also have done some spinning & some knitting results soon to be seen! In the mean time, here are the photo’s of the two tiraras.

I am proud to present Longdraw James, the fibre winner of my competition forever imortalised in fibre!


Without wanting to be seen as bleowing my own trumpet, I was delighted the way this knitted up.  It makes a lovely short scarf, with a bit of spring in it.  Made up of coils & granny locks. Now all I have to do now is part with it to sell it!

Fibre – Long Draw James ( thank my son he pulled you out the hat)

Because my Husband & Daughter thought I was being mean by choosing only one yarn winner there are two!  These are

Moggle & Lini

Lini you can thank Rhi, it was her who pulled you out! Moggle it was DH for you 🙂

Will email you all on Monday, its Friday and guest have just arrived, so better go and drink & be merry!

Thanks all who entered!

It is Sarah’s turn to be dry & imortalised in yarn. Aran weight, now available in the shop

Art Yarn

After collapsing on the stairs, and ended up in a crumpled heap at the bottom, I have not been able to spin for a few days.  So it was with great delight I managed a bit of spinning left footed, right still won’t play, and plied the yarn I had lurking on the bobbing with some thread, and a few seeds beads and this is the result

Once it has been washed and dried, it will be ing the shop 🙂